What is FUE Hair Transplant Surgery?

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. This was my choice of hair transplant procedure. The surgeon takes the follicles directly from the back or sides of the head and making a small incision places them into the parts of the scalp that is needed. The recovery time is hugely reduced using this method and I was back to work 4 days later (although they recommend a week).

What is the cost of FUE in the UK?

It really depends on the area that needs to be covered and the method used. As FUE is more time consuming it costs more. The price of FUE in the UK is not the cheapest you will find in the world but I wanted the convenience of aftercare if anything went wrong post-procedure. I paid £2 per hair and needed around 2500 hairs so paid around £5000 for my surgery. This was just for the front part of my head though as I will do my crown in 2016/17.

How long did it take?

Extraction took around 3 hours with me lying face down on something similar to a massage table. Multiple injections were given and my head was numb within a minute or two. I was constantly asked if I was OK and if I experienced any pain. The only pain I had was from the initial injections.

The grafts can survive for up to 7 or 8 hours outside of the body but they explained that they do not go above 4 hours so after a quick lunch they cracked straight on inserting the grafts into my baldness. This took about 2 hours (I didn't time it but I watched John Wick on my iPad which is around 2 hours I think).

FUE surgery recovery time

Thankfully the FUE recovery time is extremely fast when compared to FUT. I left the clinic and drove back to Cardiff from Birmingham.  The clinic gave me tablets for the pain, swelling and potential infections. I was back in work within 4 days but they told me to wait a week (naughty boy I know!) but I do work for myself and need to eat, right?

Finding the best FUE surgeon in the UK

When I was looking for the UK's best surgeon for my transplant I treated it as if I was looking for a plumber to fit a new boiler for my house - the 3 quote method. 
Obviously price is a factor, so I got quotes from three places first. The cheapest one was not the most professional looking establishment so I went for the middle quote as the most expensive one was really REALLY expensive.